Frank Henry has been an integral part of our companies for 33 years.

He has been a friend, confidant, accountant, CPA and a major contributor to the success of our companies.

His talent and professionalism has always been “TOP NOTCH” and always up to speed as related to the ever changing accounting best practices and tax laws.

He and his staff, and now his partner, Louise, have guided us through the maze of complex compliance issues and accounting principles that are unique to our businesses.

Although I have never gotten him to agree to my perceptions of how to deduct in tax reporting which is: When in doubt, “deduct”. He has saved our companies countless dollars in well planned, correct, prompt and truthful reporting and filing our tax returns while helping us know how to retain as much of our profits as possible.

Jim Syfan

CEO, Syfan Logistics
Gainesville, GA

Henry and Company possesses all that a successful accounting firm needs: over-the-top dedication, forward thinking, and executable advice to help your business succeed. Frank has helped us grow from a small start-up to the middle-level business we are today. With his advice and expertise, no business would be left in the dark pertaining to financial wisdom.

Outside of helping us grow, Frank possesses the one quality not often found in other CPA firms: transparent integrity. Integrity may be a buzz word and a staple for most other accounting practices, but Frank is one of the few we’ve met that embodies the term. A few years into our business, we began to grow exponentially. It was at this point, Frank personally called and informed us we would be better served with an internal team rather than growing our contract with him. In the face of losing abundant revenue from our business, Frank went above and beyond to do what was right for our company. You will have a hard time finding that level of honesty anywhere else.

J. Greg Syfan

President, Syfan Logistics
Gainesville, GA

I have worked with Frank Henry and his team for over 25 years. They always provide professional and quality service for all our accounting needs. They are knowledgeable, trustworthy, timely, detailed, willing, flexible and they totally understand our needs. More than just our trusted advisors, they have become our friends. Henry and Company offers the best service in the accounting world, bar none.

Denise Nix

Controller, Syfan Logistics
Gainesville, GA

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